Discourse and Pragmatics at Indiana University

Welcome to the Fascinating World of Pragmatics/Pragmática!

 On this site, you will find information on topics related to pragmatics and discourse that may be helpful to researchers, students, and teachers of second and foreign languages.

 This website is aimed at assisting teachers, researchers, and students in learning about different aspects of Pragmatics. It includes information about the scope of Pragmatics and related topics such as speech acts, deixis, implicature, discourse, and politeness and impoliteness. In each component, you will find information that is based on existing research in Pragmatics, numerous examples with audios and transcripts for the dialogues, and metapragmatic perceptions of what is considered polite or impolite behavior. Most of the information on this website can also be accessed directly to teach pragmatics in the classroom. The data were collected by the owner of this account and if used for research or pedagogical purposes, the website should be cited.

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